Hate Won’t Win
2 maanden geleden
SgtJok3r 16 uur geleden
Still love how Christian looks like he's about to hit a knuckleball into the top corner
Crossed Out
Crossed Out 16 uur geleden
I already love Daniel ricciardo but the fact that he takes the McLaren in no traction control and just goes drifting around Silverstone you got to love the guy
Crossed Out
Crossed Out 16 uur geleden
Lol he's run out of talent
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 16 uur geleden
Arabs are the number one on two wheels by far!
Nicélio Santos
Nicélio Santos 17 uur geleden
wonderful done!
Robert R
Robert R 18 uur geleden
So, what happened to the Ted Notebook? Other than the ones in pre-season testing It has been completely absent during the 2021 season. Is it now posted elsewhere?
geoffrey ethelston
geoffrey ethelston 19 uur geleden
Do you like waffles?
ImBarryScottCSS 19 uur geleden
Fabio Oliveira
Fabio Oliveira 20 uur geleden
Toto said before the racing that probably Gasgli could ruin the starting on first corner 🤔🤔🤔
Richard Hartley
Richard Hartley 20 uur geleden
I cannot believe how often he says “so…er…” and “you know” in this interview.
Alberto Gomez
Alberto Gomez 20 uur geleden
About time he retired before he gets sacked
John Wick
John Wick 20 uur geleden
Crashstappen needs to watch those ten laps of hard racing great defending by Alonso, and Lewis did not do anything silly great racing !!
A C 21 uur geleden
No one cares Toto. Mercedes are the new enfentes terrible. I cheer most teams, but never a Mercedes these days.
b&srbck 21 uur geleden
All this crap about Russell going to Mercedes. You'r all forgetting that none of these cars carry over into 2022. They only keep the engine and gearbox, the rest is all new! He could go to Mercedes and they are only marginally better than Williams. Russell goes to Mercedes, they have a crap start and Williams beat them and you'll all be saying he should have stayed at Williams. I'm no follower of Williams or Russell, agreed he need to be in a team that is develeoping but we dont know how good or bad the car will be until 2022 testing and the first race.
TeamSukiyo 22 uur geleden
2021 and I’m still not sure this actually happened
Slim One
Slim One 22 uur geleden
Toto.on Robsbergs question: 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 Vhy da heck is this hairy guy my racer questioning me?????!
David Gibson
David Gibson 22 uur geleden
Any idea what the name of the music playing in the background is?
rosignole foridole
rosignole foridole 22 uur geleden
Top Gun indeed ... loving the breakdown Ted... People have short memories Total Amnesia on Max Record of accident , crashes and driving style , suddenly Lewis is criminal , nasty and amateur ...its a disgrace ...comments coming from Redbull and some pundits , he had plenty of room on the left to make it stick but chose to come across , if he was that good he would have tried like Charles on the same corner , Mate even Alonzo couldnt break Lewis , Max got to realise having a fast car doesnt mean u winning , you got to drive it ... I guess Schumacher was an Angel too
Clive Costa-Correa
Clive Costa-Correa 22 uur geleden
Oh dear. Is this Roman angling for Jacques’ rent-a-gob status?
Teddy Graham
Teddy Graham 22 uur geleden
Finally outpointed Karun.
Janos Pulay
Janos Pulay 23 uur geleden
If max took Lewis out max would of had a race ban
Phil Rees
Phil Rees 23 uur geleden
it looked like he never slowed down at all
Byron Davies
Byron Davies 23 uur geleden
Only a little mistake...wouldn't be a little mistake if they had to foot the bill.
The Sesh Is Never Over
The Sesh Is Never Over 23 uur geleden
Christian "baby" Horner
Glen Sargent
Glen Sargent 23 uur geleden
Jesus he's sound for taken the blame for what he totally did him self. But we must remember that he's a rookie and drives for a new team. 🤣🤣
Phill Hodges
Phill Hodges Dag geleden
I hope Williams get back to where it should be and George stays
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski Dag geleden
Russell thankful
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski Dag geleden
Bottas just secured Russells merc seat for 2022.
Tim L
Tim L Dag geleden
Massa and sirotkin in 2018
mowog Green
mowog Green Dag geleden
Christian, Just say it as it really was, They pushed your cars off on purpose, plain as day, The FIA will do all they can to let the "TAXDODGER" win the title !!
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski Dag geleden
That’s motor racing Christian.
Mark Frankham
Mark Frankham Dag geleden
'Premium seats at turn one' He wasn't wrong 🙂
Water Gate
Water Gate Dag geleden
F1. The only sport, where the excitement is post race interviews!
Honey Badger
Honey Badger Dag geleden
Bottas.....Sorry i missed the braking point and crashed into the two Redbulls. Meanwhile Toto rubs his hands together at his desk 😈
Richard Hughes
Richard Hughes Dag geleden
Honestly, honestly, honestly.
Fkez05 Dag geleden
Anyone else see Seb's interview where he called his slight attempt to overtake Ocon at Turn 1 a "Maldonardo move" 🤣
cat stevens
cat stevens Dag geleden
No new evidence, no new facts, no new anything really. Made up play station videos, using other drivers to video laps around the track and simulate the vercrashen smash is laughable. Most. accidents are caused by two people coming together, the stewards said Hamilton was mostly to bland therefore vercrashen was partly to blame. Fair enough that’s their opinion but it’s very obvious vercrashen could have easily taken a wider line but chose to cut across Hamilton for the apex which he was never going to make. He was a much to blame and all the other current f1 drivers who were asked their opinion said it was a racing incident, that is very damming for him. All the rest of the moaning from horner is just his pathetic small mans ego on steroids.
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson Dag geleden
Feel bad for bottas already with how he’s treated at merc and Now by the entire grid. Moments like this I just wanna tell bottas everything’s going to be okay 🤗
Carlos Bennett
Carlos Bennett Dag geleden
Haha he's been an arse its RACING.. it needs to stop now
Bobayeka da bogeyman
Bobayeka da bogeyman Dag geleden
Verstappen never crashed and took out nobody.....lol this guy talks like his teams never crashes.
Dreams True
Dreams True Dag geleden
So did toto took up that baton pass to him 🤔🤔
Albe A
Albe A Dag geleden
I think politics is being brought into sport now so we’re now just gonna be debating everything and anything “MADNESS”
Lee Small
Lee Small Dag geleden
No you are if you can’t afford to race don’t race
Scott Lawson
Scott Lawson Dag geleden
Not a fan of F1, but from an outside perspective I have always found the media presentation and interviews awkward. I don't know another sport where competitors answer questions next to each other, but maybe it is just a historical thing with racing in general
Tesla Trev
Tesla Trev Dag geleden
hams got a history of doing this
RYAN MURDOCH Dag geleden
It’s what we do, we are race drivers. ❤️
Runay Rane
Runay Rane Dag geleden
Whos watching after George managed to score some points for Williams?
Andrew Markham
Andrew Markham Dag geleden
I don’t think accident damage should be within the cost cap. Max has had 3 big shunts who pays?
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke Dag geleden
It is interesting to know Silverstone race what they think about the Crash on track did about max race being took other again in Hungarian grand prix but Valtteri Bottas taking out four car on track is dangerous but we had different drivers winner the race so hope Max Verstappen can make up the point after the summer three weeks off.
George Haines
George Haines Dag geleden
It's all gathering momentum.. Now red bull more or less accusing Mercedes of deliberately causing the accident that wiped out both red bulls.. Mmmmmmmm.. We'll it was bottas ..!! but was it intentional ? ... Would it still have happened if it wasn't raining.. The start of any race is often the decider to the result .. And they are all at it from the lights to the first corner... Won't surprise me if we don't see more of it .. So I'm calling the first corner MASH UP CORNER of all the next races.. This season could be won or lost with what goes on OFF the track as as much with what goes on ON the track .. But I'm sure it ain't the last of the feud driver and team.. Red bull to win title though ..
Peter Fowke
Peter Fowke Dag geleden
I like that Lando Norris is joking about matching Jenson F1 racing back in history it is best result that he had in his own F1 Career.
ZM Dag geleden
“Exciting turn 1” is the understatement of the season 👀
R S2002
R S2002 Dag geleden
This clown is sullying the Red Bull brand. Red Bull it gives you wings, not whinges.
sam uel
sam uel Dag geleden
Lewis is such a diva
James Evans
James Evans Dag geleden
The "Back tracker" of the year award goes to...
kevin james dawes
kevin james dawes Dag geleden
Stop prattling on about this now. Nothing happened. Shut up. This is what f1 has become.
Will Vine
Will Vine Dag geleden
Could you please have an even more annoying intro music please , that wasn’t quite grating enough .
Alan Sandom
Alan Sandom Dag geleden
Public were moaning about the processional drives in the last few years when the mercs had a big advantage, now everyone has caught up and every driver is in the race. When they are this close there will be accidents, no one died so IMO it's about time the folk accept this and just enjoy the spectacle
Russ Ozard
Russ Ozard Dag geleden
Can't wait to see you in a fast car ,well done on the first points for W
Russ Ozard
Russ Ozard 21 uur geleden
@b&srbck good call 👍
b&srbck 21 uur geleden
Russ Ozaed, The Williams is a fast car, havent you heard how fast? In practice it's always one of the fastest, yet when it comes to qualifying and the race, the car slower. Russell needs to be in a better car granted. But with the cars changing for 2022, whos to say williams wont be as good as a Ferrari, Red Bull, Alpine or Mercedes?
Jake Harvey
Jake Harvey Dag geleden
"For me that wasn't even a question" shows how brilliant George is ❤️
Whinger Spice..!!!
eejitseverywhere Dag geleden
Maybe Merc should pay for the costs incurred by Red Bull. Awful driving by Bottas.